Patron Book Reviews!

How about this very cool brand-new feature: book reviews by patrons! 

I’m going to need YOUR help with this!  After reading a book you checked out here, write what you think about it.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, or long, or even have your name on it.  Was the book enjoyable?  Was it a mystery that made you fall asleep, or kept you turning pages?  Was it terrible?

Email me your book thoughts at, and I’ll upload them to the website.  Be sure to include the book title and author.  Open to all ages and for all kinds of books.  This will be a great tool for everyone to find a new read!

If you’d like to read reviews that are shared, go to the bar at the top right side of the page and hover on “Community”.  You’ll see “Book Reviews from Our Patrons” in that drop-down menu.