Donors may also sponsor the expansion of our collection of classic authors. The Adopt-an-Author program allows the library to acquire all of the new titles published by their chosen author. When a new title becomes available the sponsor is placed 1st in the hold queue, has her/his name placed on a donor plate on the title page, and reimburses the library for the cost of the book. This cost is usually 25-45% off cover price.

The library gets all of the new books by the following authors through the Adopt-an-Author Program. Here is the list of the authors and their sponsors.

stack of books

Adopted Authors & their Sponsors

Sarah Allen                         Susan Bushnell

Isabel Allende                     Catherine Kenyon

Julia Alvarez                         Sandy Haas

Mary Kay Andrews             Barbara Shenton

Jeffrey Archer                      Memorial Fund

Kate Atkinson                      Memorial Fund

Margaret Atwood                Linda Schneider

Fredrick Backman                Doreen Jones

David Baldacci                       Joyce Jones

Nevada Barr                         Karen Bindrum

Marie Benedict                    Memorial Fund

John Berendt                        Memorial Fund

Elizabeth Berg                      Memorial Fund

Steve Berry                         Deb Matthews

Wendell Berry                    Robin Bebo Long

Chris Bohjalian                 Kelly Kelly

C. J. Box                               Friend of Library

C. Alan Bradley                 Memorial Fund

Geraldine Brooks              Catherine Kenyon

Alafair Burke                      Memorial Fund

James Lee Burke               Wendell Pontious

Bill Bryson                          Memorial Fund

Peter Carey                         Eric Bowman

Robyn Carr                         Memorial Fund

Stephen Carter                 Beryl Goldsweig

Richard Castle                 Karen Bindrum

Michael Chabon               Judy Jensen

Tracy Chevalier               Virginia Bowman

Jennifer Chiavorini         Memorial Fund

Lee Child                           Karen Bindrum

Ann Cleeves                     Beryl Goldsweig

Harlan Coben                   Memorial Fund

Margaret Coel                  Memorial Fund

Ben Coes                         Wendell Pontious

Michael Connolly            Tim Crowley

Bernard Cornwell             Memorial Fund

Patricia Cornwell              Memorial Fund

Justin Cronin                     Memorial Fund

Michael Cunningham      Memorial Fund

Maria De los Santos         Virginia Bowman

Jeffrey Deaver                    Karen Bindrum

Nelson DeMille                  Deb Matthews

Bruce DeSilva                    Nancy Harvey

Anita Diamant                    Memorial Fund

Anthony Doerr                   Memorial Fund

Paul Doiron                         Friend of Library

Robert Dugoni                    Joan Pontious

Esi Edugyan                         Tim McDonald

Dave Eggers                         Memorial Fund

Louise Erdrich                     Catherine Kenyon

Janet Evanovich                  Mary Sue Crowley

Richard Paul Evans            Memorial Fund

Fannie Flagg                        Memorial Fund

Elinor Florence                    Karen Bindrum

Jonathan Foer                      Judy Jensen

Ken Follett                           Lynn Moltz

Laurie Frankel                   Janet West

Charles Frazier                  Deborah Scherer

Tana French                        Memorial Fund

Alan Furst                             Janice Yelland

Diana Gabaldon                  Memorial Fund

Neil Gaiman                        Memorial Fund

Robert Galbraith                 Eric Bowman

Jane Gardam                        Linda Schneider

Lisa Gardner                        Memorial Fund

Bonnie Garmus                   Memorial Fund

W Michael Gear                   Memorial Fund

Lisa Genova                          Janet West

Elizabeth George                 Memorial Fund

Tess Gerritsen                      Memorial Fund

Malcolm Gladwell                Memorial Fund

Julia Glass                             Mary McGrath

W.E.B. Griffin                        Friend of Library

Elly Griffiths                         Beryl Goldsweig

Martha Grimes                    Memorial Fund

James Grippando                Wendell Pontious

John Grisham                      Joyce Jones

Lauren Groff                        Memorial Fund

David Grossman                 Judy Jensen

Sara Gruen                          Memorial Fund

Emily Henry                       Laura Gardner

Kristin Hannah                   Memorial Fund

Mick Herron                        Ann VanDusen

Elin Hilderbrand                 Jola Labejsza

Laura Hillenbrand             Memorial Fund

Anne Hillerman                  Memorial Fund

Colleen Hoover                   Memorial Fund

Anthony Horowitz             Memorial Fund

Khaled Hosseini                 Catherine Kenyon

Greg Iles                             Memorial Fund

John Irving                         Memorial Fund

Walter Isaacson                 Memorial Fund

Major Jackson                     Will Gardner

J.A. Jance                            Memorial Fund

Craig Johnson                    Joan Pontious

Stan Jones                         Wendell Pontious

Jan Karon                              Mary Beth Deller

Julia Keller                            Karen Bindrum

Laurie King                           Memorial Fund

Stephen King                        Pat Desmond

Barbara Kingsolver            Catherine Kenyon

Sophie Kinsella                    Barbara Shenton

Dean Koontz                        Memorial Fund

John Krakauer                     Memorial Fund

W. Kent Krueger                Debbie Scherrer

Lorna Landvik                     Memorial Fund

Shari LaPena                        Laura Gardner

Eric Larson                           Memorial Fund

John LeCarre                        Memorial Fund

Jeffrey Lent                         Barbara Stratton

Donna Leon                        Eric Bowman

Elizabeth Letts                     Eileen Dague

Beverly Lewis                       Nancy Parrish

Reeve Lindbergh               Isabella McFarlin

Penelope Lively                  Judy Jensen

Sarah Maas                        Memorial Fund

Debbie Macomber            Memorial Fund

G.R.R. Martin                        Isabel McFarlin

Archer Mayor                       Isabel McFarlin

A. McCall Smith                    Joan Pontious

Paula McClain                       Jeannette Bair

David McCullough            Memorial Fund

Val McDermid                  Nancy Harvey (Karen Pirie series), Memorial Fund (all others)

Ian McEwan                        Memorial Fund

Deon Meyer                        Jim Dague

Sue Miller                            Beryl Goldsweig

Megan Miranda                  Memorial Fund

M. Mizushima                    Wendell Pontious

C.E. Morgan                        Catherine Kenyon

Liane Moriarty                 Laura Gardner

Walter Mosley                  Memorial Fund

Jojo Moyes                        Memorial Fund

Paula Munier                        Eric Bowman

Alice Munro                        Eric Bowman

Ann Napolitano            Memorial Fund

Jo Nesbo                           Memorial Fund

Celeste Ng                        Memorial Fund

Edna O’Brien                        Judy Jenson

Tawni O’Dell                        Amy Braun

Maddie O’Farrell                 Linda Schneider

Delia Owens                         Memorial Fund

Sara Paretsky                    Memorial Fund

Jay Parini                            Judy Jensen

Ann Patchett                        Catherine Kenyon

Katherine Paterson            Tim Crowley

James Patterson                 Joyce Jones

Louise Penny                        Burma Cassidy

Jodi Picoult                           Memorial Fund

Douglas Preston                 Karen Bindrum

Richard Price                       Memorial Fund

Annie Proulx                        Memorial Fund

Kate Quinn                           Memorial Fund

Kathy Reichs                        Memorial Fund

Taylor Jenkins Reid            Memorial Fund

Emilie Richards                   Mary Beth Deller

Bill Roorbach                      Isabella McFarlin

David Rosenfelt                  Karen Bindrum

Richard Russo                     Mary Fratini

John Sandford                    Memorial Fund

George Saunders               Memorial Fund

Lisa Scottoline                     Martha Slater

Lisa See                             Memorial Fund

Jeff Shaara                        Memorial Fund

Daniel Silva                        Becky Burgee

Curtis Sittenfeld                Memorial Fund

Karin Slaughter                 Memorial Fund

Jane Smiley                        Memorial Fund

Zadie Smith                        Leanne Hoppe

Nicholas Sparks                Memorial Fund

Dana Stabenow                Karen Bindrum

Neal Stephenson              Memorial Fund

Sarah Stonich                     Doreen Jones

Sarah Strohmeyer            Martha Slater

Elizabeth Strout                  Memorial Fund

Ron Suskind                        Lois Bond

Frank Tallis                          Wendell Pontious

Amy Tan                                Memorial Fund

Charles Todd                        Memorial Fund

Peter Tremayne                Memorial Fund

Anne Tyler                          Memorial Fund

Lisa Unger                          Memorial Fund

Abraham Verghese            Memorial Fund

Martin Walker                     Joan Pontious

Ruth Ware                           Memorial Fund

Jennifer Weiner                 Barbara Shenton

Andy Weir                           Memorial Fund

Michele Wells                       Walt Wells

Randy Wayne White            Karen Bindrum

Stephen White                     Karen Bindrum

Colson Whitehead            Will Gardner

Beatriz Williams                 Memorial Fund

Simon Winchester            Memorial Fund

Lisa Wingate                        Memorial Fund

Don Winslow                        Memorial Fund

J. Winspear                           Debbie Scherrer

Bob Woodward                  Lois Bond

Rebecca Yarros                   Memorial Fund


Previously Adopted Authors

Stephen Ambrose             Memorial Fund

Maeve Binchy                   Susan Bushnell

A. S. Byatt                          Linda Schneider

Pat Conroy                        Isabella McFarlin

Nicolas Evans                    Memorial Fund

Margaret Frazer                Linda Schneider

Sue Grafton                        Karen Bindrum

Sue Henry                           Karen Bindrum

P.D. James                         Beryl Goldsweig

Hillary Mantel                    Judy Jensen

Tom Piccirilli                        Nancy Harvey

Ruth Rendell                        Memorial Fund

Anita Shreve                        Hillary Leonard

A. Rivers Siddons                Memorial Fund

Susan Vreeland                   Memorial Fund

Kate Wilhelm                        Memorial Fund