Recovery of Overdue Materials

Rochester Public Library Recovery of Overdue Materials Policy

In the spirit of stewardship of public resources and in the best interest of the library and the patrons thereof, the Board of Trustees of the Rochester Public Library adopts a policy dealing with overdue materials.

Step I – Reminder Notice

Unquestionably, the longer materials are gone from the library the less chance they are to be recovered. Therefore, an overdue reminder notice will be mailed to the cardholder when materials are 2 weeks late.

Step II – Invoice

If the cardholder has not responded to the reminder and the materials are not returned within 6 weeks of the due date an invoice will be mailed. The invoice will include the title of the material, cost, and original due date. The invoice will inform the patron that they may still return the materials at no charge or make payment. The patron will be informed that they have 30 days to resolve the matter or will lose library privileges to borrow materials.

Step III – Suspension of Cardholder Privileges

If 10 weeks after the due date a reminder and invoice has been mailed and the materials have not been returned or the invoice paid, a letter will be sent to the cardholder informing them that their privilege to check out materials has been suspended until the matter has been satisfactorily resolved. The letter will inform the patron that they may still return the item at no charge or make payment for the cost of the materials. If a cardholder’s privileges to check out materials are suspended,they are still welcome to use library materials and computers within the building or attend library functions.

Librarian Discretion

The librarian has the authority to:

  • Remove books from a patron’s record who maintains they have returned the item or that they have not borrowed the material.
  • Patrons will be given the benefit of the doubt in disputes unless a history of similar problems exists.
  • Make payment arrangements.
  • Discount original/replacement costs.