Inter-Library Loan Policy

Rochester Public Library Inter-Library Loan Policy

It is the intent of the Board of Trustees of the Rochester Public Library to conduct our Interlibrary Loan Policy in accordance with the VERMONT ILL CODE approved by the Vermont Library Association.

ILL services are available to all registered patrons of the Rochester Public Library without regard to their town of residence.

All ILL requests to lending libraries shall be made by library staff or library volunteers.

Books must be returned to the Rochester Public Library on or before the date indicated on the materials.

ILL materials check out for 3 weeks unless the lending library indicates a shorter loan period. Materials needed for longer periods are not appropriate choices for ILL requests.

Due to the difficulty in renewing ILL materials, they should be considered non-renewable.

Individual materials may not be requested more than once.

Individuals are limited to 2 ILL requests at any one time.

It is the responsibility of the patron to request the specific title and author of the book requested.

Requests for the “next of a series” or “anything by or about” cannot be accepted due to the probability of requesting the unwanted materials.

If the borrower is unsure of the exact book requested, the librarian or designee shall research possible titles and confirm with the patron prior to placing the request.

Rochester Public Library is responsible for returning materials to the lending institution in a timely manner and without undue wear.

Patrons who disregard due dates or return damaged materials may loose their ILL privileges at the discretion of the Library Director.

It is understood that each library may limit the scope of materials available to borrow or lend.

The Rochester Public Library neither lends nor requests feature films.

Documentaries or educational materials may be requested in Video or DVD format.

The Rochester Public Library does not requests books published within the past 6 months or currently on the “Best Seller” list.

The Library Director will authorize all ILL requests. If the budget permits, the Library Director may purchase the book rather than borrow through ILL.

If the material requested is not available in the Vermont ILL Union Catalog, the requesting patron will be promptly notified.

Although donations towards postage are cheerfully accepted, there is no fee for using ILL services.